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3 Killer Secrets to Instagram Success Top Brands Won’t Reveal

In order to be a big shot on Instagram, here are the top killer Instagram secrets you should know about but top marketing brands won’t tell you.

How to Use Hashtags?

Proper use of hashtags is very important technique to master if you want to achieve success on Instagram. Hashtags may not be the biggest secret in Instagram. The secret behind it is how you would use them. There are three kinds of hashtags you should use – specific, general and trending.

General Hashtag is both relevant and broad for the image you are going to post. For instance, you can post a photo of latte and the ideal hashtags would be #mornings, #coffee, #happy and something like this. Using general hashtags is the best way to increase following. Users who are looking for the photos with these words are more likely to stumble upon your post.

Special Hashtags are those you use and device in your branding campaign in order to attract more fans and to share and group the content. Suppose you want to share pictures of an event, make a special hashtag like #BrandEvent2016 and promote it.

Trending Hashtags are supposed to be a major source to attract new followers because a lot of people are clicking on the pictures with such tags when something goes off on a platform which serves around 150 million users per month. The catch is that these hashtags are usually not relevant to your brand. They often represent trending news reports and pop culture happenings. If you choose to use trending hashtag, make sure to know the real meaning of it. They can have several purposes and meanings.

Make Instagrammers Feel Special

We all love to feel special and it is obvious. So, you have to post exclusive content. People go social for various purposes. You have to know the right content to share on each one. You may reward your fans with varied and fresh content in order to market your brand. It will prompt the fans to be with you. You can use Instagram optimally and strive to provide the right material rather than posting same content here and there.

Seek Your Fan’s Permission before Sharing their Content

Your followers on Instagram can be the best content source for your product or brand. But sharing their photos without their consent is not good ethically. Instagram is all about posting original work so it lacks reblog and retweet feature. You need to seek written consent before you share their pictures.